Behind an accurate prediction
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Behind an accurate prediction – Machine Learning in an industrial environment
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In the course "Behind an Accurate Prediction - Machine Learning in Industrial Environments" of the Competence Center of the University of Luxembourg, the basics of Machine learning are deepened. The logic behind some of the most important training algorithms is illustrated by means of concrete application examples from industry. The online course aims to illustrate how AI can help in the analysis of data to identify details that cannot be detected by basic statistical analysis. The MOOC provides an explorative learning environment that enables problem-based exploratory learning. 

Which topics will be covered?

  • Training machine learning by selecting the algorithm based on the context  

  • Understanding the fundamentals of APIs  

  • Design a basic Machine Learning based on an industrial practical example 

What will I achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • prepare a Dataset and work with it.

  • select appropriate Machine Learning methods. 

  • implement a basic Machine Learning application based on an industrial practical example.

Which prerequisites do I need to fulfill?

  • Basic Math Knowledge 

  • This course is mainly addressed to any stakeholder involved in data analysis or engineering 

  • Being Familiar with Computer Science 

Behind an accurate prediction
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