The Advisory Board of the AI Campus

The members of the Advisory Board strategically accompany and advise the R&D project "AI Campus 2.0" and other funded projects on the path to a sustainable and future-proof AI Campus 3.0. They are initially appointed from 2023 to 2025. With their specialist expertise and experience, they provide constructive yet critical feedback, give creative impulses and set the course for the successful further development of the vision for an AI Campus 2030.

The diverse composition of the Advisory Board ensures that different competences and professional perspectives on AI as well as regional aspects and requirements for the AI Campus are represented. The members of the advisory board contribute specific experience from their fields of activity, refer exciting partners and initiate strategic cooperations with a multiplication effect.

The members of the Advisory Board

Selected pioneers and leaders from research, economy and civil society with expertise in the fields of innovation, digital education and AI form the Advisory Board of the AI Campus: