AI Campus Community: Shaping AI education together

The AI Campus is more than just a digital learning platform: Together with learners, learning providers and AI and didactics experts, we want to promote the teaching of AI skills and competences. To this end, we support communities and stakeholders on many levels. 
We connect learning providers with each other and support them in the implementation of courses, videos, podcasts and many other teaching and learning formats. We connect learners and encourage them to use their feedback to participate in the further development of the functions and learning opportunities of the AI Campus. In addition, we specifically promote the exchange with experts on the future of AI education and link the AI Campus with other platforms and initiatives - nationwide and internationally.  

The result is the creation of multi-layered communities of practice, in which players cooperate in all phases of the production and use of AI learning opportunities, contribute to the creation of an ecosystem for strengthening AI skills and competences and actively shape the AI Campus.

Our network at a glance

KI-Campus Landkarte

How we address the AI Campus Community

  1. Networking of learners, e.g. by accompanying learning processes and by forming learning networks and supporting the organisation of learning in virtual or regional local groups.
  2. Support for lecturers in effectively integrating the open licensed AI Campus learning opportunities into their own teaching as well as exchange formats for innovative approaches and ideas for further development.  
  3. Advice for learning providers on the production of learner-oriented and didactical-innovative learning opportunities and open educational resources for the AI Campus.  
  4. Establishment of AI ExpertLabs for central subject and application areas: Networking of experts and addressing cross-cutting issues – across departments and research fields.
  5. Germany-wide and international networking of relevant actors (from research, teaching, and business to society and politics) as a prerequisite for the cooperative and forward-looking development of open digital learning opportunities.

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Getting involved in the AI Campus

Build exciting support formats for the AI Campus community with us. We look forward to your commitment and participation.

You can reach us in the following ways: 

  •  by e-mail:

  •  in the community chat via Mattermost:

Let us strengthen AI competences together!

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